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Bill Gergely
Oct 21 2016 17:36 PM Post #807
Location : Cleveland, OH


I've written on this site before, but I've got your CDs playing as I write this and just wanted to let you know that your music is the first thing I turn to whenever I need to relax and take the stress of the day away. I have a listing on my bucket list that reads, "fly to Austin to see Marshall perform live". I hope I can accomplish this someday! Your music is unparalleled and I hope you smile when you read these posts and know how much your fans like what you do. Anything new on the horizon????
Dana Richard
Oct 09 2016 18:57 PM Post #806
Location : Houston, TX

Hi Marshall,

I lived in Rochester, N. Y. at the same time as you. My first 2 of 4 children were born there. We left Rochester in 1975 and in 1980 moved to Houston, where I still live. My husband passed away 3 years ago, so last Fall I drove to Wimberley to visit a dear, aging friend. We went shopping in Fredricksberg, TX, where I walked into a store and heard the most beautiful music which filled my heart to overflowing! Thank you for this beautiful gift! I'm currently trying to order the rest of your CD's that I don't already have. They go with me everywhere!
Jul 07 2016 16:55 PM Post #799
Location : Florida

Hi Marshall,

Unlike most others, I am just now finding you through Pandora. I had my station set for Bernward Koch...and since have found so many new artists that have been around for a long while but had never been introduced to - like yourself. Beautiful!!!
Sorry to read about the loss of your wife. My husband died in 2004... he was only 52.

Thank for the music !!!
Debi Borland
May 03 2015 2:50 AM Post #783
Location : Wylie, Texas

I am so excited that I got to finally see you in person. I have been completely mesmerized by your music for years. I truly wish that we could go to the Sunset Grill tomorrow. Keep those emails coming and hopefully I will come back soon and be ables to see you perform again.
Your talent is amazing.
Debi Borland
Apr 05 2015 15:50 PM Post #778
Location : HSV Ark

I love coming back to your site to read how your music brings so much comfort and peace to them. I am envious that a lot of them have met you, some have met with you several times, and my wife and I have never had the privilege. Some day we hope to get over to Texas to one of your live performances. On the other hand, we did meet Kate once in Fredericksburg (downtown) and we purchased 3 of your albums at that time. Over the past few years, I have purchased several albums to give to friends. I currently own 2 copies of your packaged CDs (one for the house and one for the cars.. depending on which we drive at the time). Your music fits anywhere, but now when we drive the hills around Hot Springs and the Village, your music has a new home for us.
Karl and Naomi Hubler
Apr 02 2015 16:09 PM Post #777
Location : Texas

Naomi and I want to extend our appreciation to you for the visit last Saturday night at Woerner's. We enjoyed meeting and talking with you. One of the first things that we did when we got home on Sunday afternoon was to put your latest CD in the player. We listened to it as we unpacked and put away our things. We weren't disappointed with it. We've always considered your music to be "comfort" music, but after our visit with you, we'll never listen to it the same again.

It's obvious that the loss that you suffered with Kate's passing is still causing you great pain, but it's encouraging to us that you are still performing, composing and recording. From what you told us, that's exactly what she would want you to do. Fortunately, your loss may give you the ability to help others as they face difficult times in the hospice settings. Like you said that night, it's hard to comfort others if you've never walked in their shoes. Hopefully, you'll find some comfort as you help them. People think that grief ends as time passes when it really just changes shape.

We wish you all the best and may God bless and comfort you. We are looking forward to our next meeting with you and new releases.

Karl and Naomi Hubler
Rick Percman
Mar 06 2015 18:35 PM Post #772
Location : USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis

This week a dear friend lost her 19-year-old daughter. I was struck with immense sadness and a feeling of helplessness. It elicited the pain of separation from my son who lives in another state. Missing him and not being able to comfort because of geographical distance, I found myself turning to music to find peace within me. As a musician, I know how powerful music is to the soul. When I turned on Jericho from the Jericho CD I was awash in tears of sadness and longing, but I also felt the comfort that comes with the heart and mind finding a place of tranquility. I kept that song on repeat for my 20-minute drive home at the end of a long day. The pain of loss and longing has eased a bit, thanks to the healing qualities of your incredibly moving music. Thank you for sharing your gift from God.
Feb 12 2015 22:18 PM Post #764
Location : Mt Pleasant Tx

Marshall- I have met you several times -at the shop in Fredericksburg and most recently at the winery in December where we sat across from you, and I got to witness a live performance by you, that was fantastic. My brother and sister-in-law had not heard your music up to that point, and they were with us that afternoon, and absolutely loved everything you played. They also bought several CD's. I treasure every CD you have made, and listen to your music literally everyday. I know you have been told time and time again how beautiful your music is, but having a musical background of my own, I feel I have a special appreciation of your talent and vision . Looking forward to whatever you bring us in the future---please keep doing what you are doing, as you inspire me and I'm sure many ,many more . Till next time--thank you so much.
Lkaye Stoker
Feb 10 2015 22:48 PM Post #763
Location : San Marcos, TX USA

Hey, Marshall, it is Laura Kaye Stoker - meet you so long ago, 14 yrs? so glad about your tribute CD to Kate... Healing takes time, I know, too. But, how special, how blessed... and it IS in your music, and SHE, always, in you... hope to catch you in Fredbird - love, and prayers, and more Divine Music to come...

Lkaye -
Sheila DaValt
Jan 20 2015 18:42 PM Post #760
Location : USA

I cannot say how much I love your music. I was introduced to a CD called "Seven Falls." I do believe it is still my favorite. I have bought all your CDs and I am patiently waiting for your newest. I play 5 discs at a time on my player, a good 4-5 hours of this fantastic memorizing music of yours. My husband and I are into our later years of life and do enjoy your music. I have never found anyone even close to your playing.

Thank you for your talent in playing and I will wait for the new one. (I hope soon)

Sheila DaValt
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