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Bill Gergely
Jan 15 2015 18:29 PM Post #759
Location : USA


Do you make sheet music available for your albums? There is no one else that comes close to you in terms of the pure emotion in your music, and the emotions that it brings to the surface for the listener. It would be an honor to be able to play the piano with Marshall Styler sheet music. Especially Eyes Like Lullabies…. I can’t purchase any more of your albums since I have them all!!!

Bill Gergely
Jan 12 2015 16:57 PM Post #758
Location : Houston, TX

I noticed today that I do not have your latest CD so I am ordering it to keep my collection complete. However, while reading your website, I learned of your wife's passing. I truly am sorry to hear this and realize no amount of words can bring comfort to your heart. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers as I know she was your biggest inspiration and the love of your life. Thank you for providing us with such a sense of peace through your music. God bless you.
Sneha Ayyagari
Dec 18 2014 22:56 PM Post #749
Location : Texas

I hope you are enjoying holiday season. I was just remembering when I met you when I was 5 years old. I was at the Wildseed Farms listening to your music behind a pillar outside, and your wife invited me to come over and touch your keyboard. You gave me signed copies Bluefields and Mockingbird Station (which I still have). I remember being in awe, and I asked my parents for piano lessons. I have been playing for the last 14 years. Thank you for your music and inspiration.
Michelle Burr
Dec 18 2014 22:53 PM Post #748
Location : Milwaukee

My husband and I met you last year at the American Montessori Society conference. Javier, my husband was drawn to your music as if it was a siren's song; it continues to be the favorite music of his life. He tells me your music radiates joy through out his soul and is teary-eyed with happiness upon the mention of your name. We have purchased all of your Cd's, and you were kind enough to autograph them, but I am wishing to do something else for him with regards to your music. Will you be performing anywhere in the new year? We live in Milwaukee, but I am anticipating being at a conference in Dallas in July. Please let me know of any opportunity I might have to give my husband the gift of your music. And thank you for making music from the Heavens!
Nancy Burridge, Soprano
Dec 05 2014 1:34 AM Post #747
Location : USA, FL, Tampa

Marshall, I have enjoyed your music since 2003 and play it whenever I need a lift, to feel happy, need peace or want some of the best music I have ever heard. Your Christmas album is the best! The quality is Outstanding! Can't wait to get some of the other CD's. I have three!

Best wishes to you as we enter this wonderful Christmas Season! ~Nancy Burridge, Soprano
Nov 10 2014 19:13 PM Post #744
Location : HSV Ark

Very Happy Happiness is a beautiful Fall day and listening to the Jericho CD. I'm sitting on my lower deck and looking at all the fall colors as well as the hills off in the distance. I can see the tower in downtown Hot Springs (about 15 miles away) looking southwest and Lake Balboa about a mile away to the southeast. Marshall's music goes very well with the pine trees, the hardwood trees, the hills, the lakes, and the serenity of this area.
David Askins
Sep 12 2014 1:15 AM Post #735
Location : Lake Fork, Texas

I purchased three of your cd's a few years ago at Canton from your Son. I believe it was the trilogy. I was born in Lufkin, Angelina County, growing up in a fairly large family. As I listened to the piece "Angelina Woods", I thought back to a simpler time when my family and I would fish and camp on the Angelina River between Lufkin and Nacogdoches. How I miss those days when my Father and my Brothers were alive, the smell of the River early in the morning, the smell of coffee making on the banks. I idolized my older Brothers, they were my heroes. Listening to the piece brought back bittersweet memories. Thanks!
Sep 10 2014 23:22 PM Post #734
Location : The Woodlands, tx

Marshall is not just gifted in Music a person who can inspire others with his music but in life from experince. Im a very proud to spend sometime with him as he tought me how to be a better person a love those who around you.
Thomas Carlsson
Sep 08 2014 23:00 PM Post #733
Location : Linköping Sweden

I am a Swedish, 60 years old music fan and CD-collector. A few months ago I came in contact with your music, When I first heard your music some special feeling reach me. I really love your music and the way you play piano, not like other piano players. I have listened to your music on Spotify, but I would like your CDs for two reasons. 1) I like to hold and look at CDs and their art work. And 2) for me its important that the composers get money for their work. I would like all eight CDs. I see on your web site some special box sets. What´s the price for all eight (except Silent Night) and mailing it to Sweden? I hope we can be in touch.
Aug 16 2014 15:55 PM Post #732
Location : HSV Ark

Very Happy Happiness is no longer living in Ohio, although our house hasn't sold yet. We are loving HSV and the beauty and the peace and quiet. Marshall, your music fits this area so well.
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