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Aug 09 2014 13:42 PM Post #731
Location : Palmer, Texas

Hello Marshall, I really appreciate your music. I purchased Red River Crossing at the Wildflower Farm, in Fredericksburg, about 5 years ago. I now have all but 1 of your CD's. Red River has continued to be my favorite, especially East Of Eden, on that CD. Last weekend, we went back to the Wild Flower Farm and I purchased "The Necklace". I believe this is your best work yet, and that's saying a lot. I especially love The Necklace and Sunflower Girl(with Greg Walker). What a beautiful composition. I hope you always continue to compose and produce your wonderful style of music. Thank you so much for what you do.

May 04 2014 20:21 PM Post #720
Location : east tx

I've met you several times, both in Canton and Fredericksburg-everytime a pleasure. Your latest CD The Necklace is as beautiful as always. I know you've heard this a couple thousand times, but everytime I listen to your music after a hard day-it puts me in another place- and I thank you for being who you are.
Mar 22 2014 20:41 PM Post #716
Location : northwest Ohio

Very Happy Finally great news. Although I won't be returning to Texas like I've always wanted, we are relocating to the Hot Springs area in Arkansas, putting us halfway between our two daughters (one in Mo, one in Tx). I discovered that Marshall's music fits this area very well, with all the hills, trees, lakes, etc. Hopefully our house here in Ohio sells soon, but we are closing on our new house in Ark in May. Getting closer to home, and Heart of the Hills now has a new meaning for me.
Feb 17 2014 18:41 PM Post #711
Location : USA, Texas, Austin

When purchasing Marshall's CDs (Bluefields and Mockingbird Station), we (my bff was with me) dealt with his wife and knew immediately that she was a very special person. I remember her being more beautiful than her picture. My friend let me know about her passing and I was very sad. When I bought those two CDs, I bought several of each one, but the 3rd in this trilogy hadn't been released yet. One of these days, I'll finish my collection. Marshall's music is as beautiful as his wife was.
Feb 01 2014 22:38 PM Post #710
Location : northwest Ohio

Just got The Necklace today (I got 3 copies) and I've listened to it all the way through twice. Very beautiful music, very thought provoking, and you can feel Marshall's love for Katie in every piece on this CD. Very powerful. Marshall, I'm so glad you made this CD, but then I'm glad you made all your other CDs as well, as i listen to them every day. thanks again.
Anne Kennedy Mundy
Jan 27 2014 15:22 PM Post #709
Location : Texas

My late husband and I discovered your music in Fredericksburg in January 2005 we were on our honeymoon. Have love it ever since. I lost him to cancer in March 2011. So I know the pain and the hole in the heart. It gets easier but the hole will always be there. I still miss him everyday. May you have peace and loving memories to last you a life time. Thank you for your beautiful music that fills my heart with such joy and I hope you continue making it for years to come.
Jan 27 2014 1:28 AM Post #708
Location : northwest Ohio

BRRRR... it's cold up here. We've had lows of minus 11 (with windchill minue 46) with snow and ice. I sure do miss Texas. I've been playing Red River Crossing quite a bit recently, but I play all of Marshall's CDs at least over 3 days, then start over again. Just ordered 3 copies of The Necklace... one for my office, one for my car, and one for my wife's car. We'll be headed back towards Texas about mid Feb, but only to the north Texas area and only for a visit. I hope we can get back to Texas once we can sell our 1848 Victorian.
Jan 25 2014 6:07 AM Post #707
Location : Baytown, TX

I met you in Fredericksburg, TX. It was 2009 and the town was having their Octoberfest. It was Sunday and we were leaving. I was running down the sidewalk to the car that my husband had already in reverse and there you were in a little alley way...just performing live. You quickly picked out two for me (A Face in the Clouds and Red River) and my bonus was that you autographed them both. Without fail they have been played every night as me and my husband drift off to sleep. He has had a stroke and it is our therapy after a long day. We believe that you are a born again Christian because your music is heavenly and has done a miracle in our lives. The cd's are sturdy because after being played almost 1,200 times, they sound like I just got them. Thank you, Marshall, for sharing your gift, that God obviously gave you, to all of us. I thought I would share this right before I purchased my next three cd's. I pray God will continue to richly bless your life.
Dec 25 2013 21:37 PM Post #704
Location : northwest Ohio

Very Happy Wow, I got a Bose Wave 3 system for Christmas, first albums into it are 4 of Marshall's Red River Crossing in slot one, Bluefields in slot two, Mockingbird Station in slot 3, and Jericho in slot 4. I can tell you right off the bat that my other systems were not doing justice to Marshall's music. wow, talk about a whole new dimension to listening. This raises the listening experience to a whole new level and makes me appreciate Marshall's music even more.
Dec 23 2013 17:09 PM Post #703
Location : northwest Ohio

We just finished one batch of snow and ice, it cleared off earlier this week, and now we are set for more snow, more cold weather, and ugly grey skies. I sure do miss Texas. However, my one touch (outside one of my daughters still living there) is your music. I play your albums constantly, either in my car or in my house. I now own 3 complete sets and I loan one out to friends who are going to be traveling via car. They tell me it helps them relax while on the road. I'm hoping they are ordering some now that they've heard your music. My wife and I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Keep the music coming.
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