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Dale Terbush
Sep 08 2008 17:10 PM Post #13
Location : Scottsdale AZ

Marshall, Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your music is to me . I have cable soundscapes on twenty four hours a day in my home. Every time I hear something very special I click to see who created it. Now it seems more often than not it is you. I also have been blessed by God with a gift that pours out of my fingers, only mine is painting for the eyes. Yours is painting for the ears. When people ask me how I am able to create so many images out of my mind ,I always explane that it is like composing music. That when I start to apply color to fabric , something very small appears on the canvas and suddenly I see a greater picture start to appear before my eyes. Like the first notes of a melody wanting to be set free so that it can become whole.Today I will be ordering all of your albums .I am excited to see where they take me while I paint. Keep up the wonderful insperation. Visit my web site Masterslight , youll see we are both driven by the same force.
Sep 08 2008 17:09 PM Post #12
Location : Tampa FL

"I consider myself an impressionist, in the spirit of the French impressionist painters - Degas, Monet and Matisse. They worked with color and emotion and have a powerful elegance that I strive for in my music." -Marshall Styler I would say you have achieved this. I hope to learn one day that you will be performing near Tampa so I may hear in person the music that moves me so deeply in my solitary moments. Perfection. Truly elegant and deeply touching. There is a state of quiet transcendence that seems to flow from your music stimulating an openness of the heart and soul. Thank you again :-)
AL Hirsch
Sep 08 2008 17:08 PM Post #11
Location : Rochester NY

Hi Buddy, Just want to thank you for the CD. It is really great. We had a wonderful time at the concert at Finger Lakes. Wish you were still here. Miss you guys a lot. The Tavern is still going strong and we still have your CD on the juke box. Can't even thank you enough for all the fun and laughs we had together. Love ya brother, Al and Lu Ann
Sarah Henry
Sep 08 2008 17:07 PM Post #10
Location : Slidell LA

I was visiting Fredricksburg, TX a few weekends ago with my mom and sisters (girls weekend away) and heard your music in one of the stores there. Lucky for me your lovely wife happened to be in the front selling CD's -- she was so, so friendly. I bought Red River Crossing, Jericho and your Christmas CD. I know you hear it all the time, but I have never fallen in love with music like your CD's. When I am in a funk of a mood, it pulls me right out. I listen to them all day long. My favorite is Tyler Rose... I hum it in my sleep!!! Thank you Marshall Styler for your music from a lucky fan in Slidell, Louisiana.
Sep 08 2008 17:00 PM Post #9
Location : Copperas Cove

I was introduced to your music while at the "Sami Show" in Belton, TX. I heard it as we came in and wondered what it was, I just thought it was overhead music and thought, "what a beautiful sound." Eventually we made it around to the table where your son was playing the "bluefields" cd. I was immediately taken with the music. What a beautiful way of expressing peace and harmony! I'm a single mother of two girls that have fallen in love with the cd also. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to hear such music from the heart. I live on a limited budget but took advantage of your deal and purchased 3 cd's to include the Christmas one. Again, thank you so much, listening to your music has blessed my day.
Bob Mchonaughy
Sep 08 2008 16:51 PM Post #8
Location : Austin TX

Marshall: Delighted I had the chance to say hello last Saturday in Fredricksburg.. Your music inspires.... relaxes .... soothes .... and, warms the body, mind, and spirit.... several years ago I listened to you perform at Collin Creek Mall in Plano.... I have purchased, and cherish all your CD's.... I listen to them at home, at the office, and on my many journeys throughout the country ..... Thank you for sharing your passion and emotion, and allowing us all to enjoy and savor your musical gifts !! Bob McConaughy
Sep 08 2008 16:49 PM Post #7
Location : Waco

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed Red River Crossing. I listen to it every day upon awakening. I get up, light a candle, put on your music, stretch and meditate. I also have Mockingbird Station and Blue Fields, but Red River Crossing is my absolute favorite. I have not found a CD that I enjoy more, that will relax me and take me to places of deep thought. Thank you so much for your inspiration and your music. I have used your music to get me through some of the toughest times of my life, when I was dealing with a lot of fear. Now that I have learned to meditate and place my life in the hands of my higher power, while listening to your music, I donžt experience that paralyzing fear. I am now a public speaker, speaking about overcoming fear. In my upcoming speeches I will tell my audience about you and perhaps even demonstrate sitting quietly while listening to calming music and meditating; and I will use your music. I will purchase a few more copies and even hope to sell some for you. I am most moved by Ingram Canyon, Coming Rain. My two other favorites are the first and last songs on the album; Red River Crossing and Summer Night, Port Isabel Light. I normally would not take the time to write like this, as I am so busy, but it was something I felt that I needed to do. Maybe you need to know what a tremendous impact your music has made on my life. I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to meet you. Maybe sometime when you are traveling north on I-35 and passing through Waco, you will email me. I would love to treat you and your wife to lunch or dinner. With sincerest appreciation and many, many thanks for sharing your great talent! Carla
Sep 08 2008 16:44 PM Post #5
Location : Amarrillo

Teach school and heard one of your CD's in our elementary library-wonderful-can't wait to start ordering! Right up there with my John Tesch, Yanni, and Enya cd's that I enjoy so much!
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