Atmospheric new age contemporary instrumental music by Marshall Styler

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The Necklace
The Necklace (2013)
Seven Falls
Seven Falls (2010)
A Face In The Clouds
A Face in
the Clouds (2007)
Twilight Concertos
Concertos (2005)

Jericho (2002)
Red River Crossing
Red River (1998)
Mockingbird Station
Station (1996)

Bluefields (1994)
Silent Night
Silent Night

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Marshall StylerMarshall Styler, a composer based in Austin, TX, is considered one of the premiere New Age musicians specializing in instrumental keyboard music featuring melodic piano compositions. Perhaps best known for his Red River Trilogy of albums inspired by people and places around Texas—Marshall’s inspirational music has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

"Styler's music is designed to relax, heal, and uplift the body, mind, and soul..."

About Marshall


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From a Fan...
I have listened to Marshall's music exclusively since I was kindly given the Jericho CD—I suffer from anxiety. When I truly realized Marshall's gift could help my son, I began calling it my 'ahhhhh' music. One evening I picked my son up from an obviously difficult sport's practice. His voice was raised; he was agitated and ranting; his emotions were off the chart. I plugged in Jericho. In the twenty minute drive home his whole demeanor changed. By the time we got out of the car he was easy and relaxed. At dinner I remember looking at him and thinking, wow!, the power of Marshall's gift is such a blessing.

Now I give away Jericho to old and new friends. What a gift! I am proud to call Marshall my friend and old neighbor. His music helps me save my health and keeps my anxiety in check. And I am so thankful to share him with others.
- Suzanne H.


Over one hour of great images by renowned photographer
James Innes featuring selected pieces from Marshall's CDs.

Watch A Face in the Clouds excerpt from the DVD
This is a very popular youtube video wth over 235,000 views

MozartAccelerated learning with the Mozart Effect
Many of my customers are teachers, who use my music in the classroom. Music plays a vital role in the learning process. It helps us concentrate, and feel centered and energized. It also helps us assimilate large amounts of material quickly and store it in long-term memory.

From a teacher
I am a Kindergarten teacher and use your CDs daily in the classroom as background music. It calms the students and creates a relaxing environment to work in. We call it our "thinking music!" I also unwind with it in the evenings...
- Brenda Good: Bryan TX

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