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From 1973 to 1986 Marshall Styler recorded and toured with the renowned Rochester, NY Rock band, Duke Jupiter. The band had seven albums to their credit on Mercury, Epic-CBS and Motown.

In 1986 he decided to leave the rock-n-roll life and moved from his home in New York to Austin, Texas. Although he was the lead singer and songwriter for the band, he began to feel limited by lyrics and began composing instrumental pieces.

In 1991, he released Camden Road, his first instrumental album. This was a compilation of live performances on synthesizers.

"My music is not space or soundscape music. I compose instrumental pieces that have a definite structure based around melodies. There are no words to tie it all down so there is a certain dream-like quality inherent in my sound."

"I consider myself an impressionist, in the spirit of the French impressionist painters - Degas, Monet and Matisse. They worked with color and emotion and have a powerful elegance that I strive for in my music."

Marshall Styler


As featured in New Age Reporter...
Marshall Styler is one of those artists who knows how to take us into musical landscapes full of melodic harmony. Wisely combining the Pop roots of his musical career with his most symphonic side and the possibilities of electronics, he transports us to dreamy, sensual worlds. The fusion achieved between the piano and the synthesizers is complete. Marshall CD's are highly recommended for those who love the most romantic side of contemporary instrumental music. A true delight for the ears from the first to the last theme.

New Age, same relaxing wave
Jeff Spevak: Staff music critic

As featured in the Rochester, NY D&C newspaper
According to local legend, the old Rochester rock band Lincoln Zephyr opened for Jimi Hendrix, back in 1967. Not exactly a true story, concedes Marshall Styler. "I saw that in the bio they send out about me," he says. "Actually ... we helped set up his equipment."

Heavy lifting aside, Styler was at dead center of the Rochester scene at its liveliest for more than a decade. An era when Lincoln Zephyr was the local LSD band, playing clubs like Mystical Dreams on South Avenue. Where, as Styler recalls, "Everybody would just lay on the floor and stare at the lights until 4am"